words and music by

john greene



When I left home in 72,

California was the place to be

I had a head full of dreams and a bag full of schemes

No time for reality



4 years of a hand to nose existence,

Living life through a pair of shades

The fog finally lifted my priorities shifted

And I ceased to be unafraid



Now its another blue sky morning

Gonna be another blue sky day

But from Mojave to the Monterey shore

Can't seem to find what I'm searching for any more



Thought I left something behind

Couldn't get it out of my mind

I tried to make the tape rewind

Now I know there's nothing to find

Its long, long, long, long gone



Now my futures not what it used to be

Second time around's not the same

This collision with the past may turn out to be the last time

I play nostalgia games