Louisiana Bound


words and music by

john greene



Officer Johnson, he flagged me down

As I tore across Crockett County

He said you're a long way from home here John

And that's gonna cost you $150


Ozona Courthouse at the break of day

I've been on I-10 far too long

You don't get much for your dollar here

When the Sheriff says you done wrong



Its 900 miles across Texas

From El Paso to the swampy Sabine

Day after day on the freeway

Where the 18 wheelers whine

In a country as big as an ocean

Driving's like flying on the ground

I'm tearing through the butterfly rain

Louisiana Bound



The night clerk was a god fearing man

He was headed for the drive thru church

He said see the pioneers with the arrows in their backs

Even Texans aren't as tall as they were