The first solo album! A long and tortured path.

My songs for this record were written between the completion of ‘All This’ in 1998 and 2000 but I had no way to record them, mainly through poverty. Then along came the computer !

I wish I knew exactly when it dawned on me that with a bit of a learning curve I could record myself at home but I guess it was around the fall of 2000 that I started my first project. I had been writing consistently and also had a number of other peoples songs I wanted to try so I began a project which I called 'Up the Creek' An unwieldy total of 20 songs, inadequate recording software (Quartz Audio) no reverb and a major lack of understanding of the process resulted in an amateur production but Matt Exelby got to hear it and offered to help.

Matt and I taught ourselves digital editing through the first attempt at these songs and the results (2003) were understandably diverse. Much later, in 2006 Ben Morgan worked with me on a re-vamp but I still wasn’t satisfied so in 2013 I undertook a virtually complete re-record.

I always believed in the songs but the time had just never been right.
An object lesson in perseverance !

John Greene Dec 2013


01 Hello Again
Meeting an old love unexpectedly, now with added 'western swing' courtesy of Ben Morgan

02 No Water but the Sea
The one survivor from the 2003 experiment this song reflects on a disastrous trip I took to Tenerife in the fall of 1999 in an attempt to turn back time. Exceptional keyboard and guitars from Matt.

03 I Wish
A song about the death of my father in 1998.

04 Up the Creek
Inspired by leaving a winter let I rented over the millenium winter. A love song.

05 Then A Girl Walks In
The victim of countless arrangements and re-records it turns out the answer was a simple, for her, piano part by Rosalie James.
Lyrically, life with women is the subject.

06 Only Get By
I wrote the words for this looking down on a rain-swept street from the upstairs window of a pub in the spring of 2000 and is a goodbye note to my last wife. Spot the Beach Boys in the chorus.

07 Sunday, Disappointed
A recall from the 'Up the Creek' project this reminisces about the problems of being single for the first time in a long time.

08 Different Game
Inspired by a girl (surprise) this is a song about growing up.
It has always been a live favourite of mine.

09 Get Going, Get Gone
Is it Jazz ? I don't think so. 25 ways to leave your lover !

10 Who Killed the Buffalo
The second song to be rescued from 'Up the Creek' this is, quite possibly, a rant about the futility of war, death, etc. Who knows ? I don't :)


John Greene -
Vocals, BV's, Guitars, Keyboards, Mandolin,
Bass, Pedal Steel, Drum Parts


Matt Exelby -
Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, Drum Parts (track 2)
Jazz Rhythm Guitar (track 09)

Ben Morgan -
Guitars (track 1)

Rosalie James -
Piano (tracks 4 & 5)


Matt Exelby is a Bingo Twin amongst many other things

Ben Morgan is a fine guitarist, producer and wit.

Rosalie James is my daughter and an amazing talent :)


The majority of these songs were first demo'd in 2000 using Quartz Audio !!! then another attempt was made in 2003 with early Cubase. The 2006 re-vamp used Cubase 3.

Produced by John Greene, Matt Exelby & Ben Morgan

Artwork by #johngreenemusic

Original song lyrics - HERE