GONE WEST (1994)
John Greene - Gone West

In the winter of 93/94, after a lifetime of bass playing, light design and sound engineering (worthy occupations all), I was approached/tricked into fronting 3 songs for a charity bash at the local hotspot.

A band was recruited, art students later to become Derrero, and a celebrity guest, the very wonderful Davey Payne, sax player, of Blockheads fame. We rehearsed and played pool and despite my extreme, knee knocking, fear did the gig to some acclaim.

The songs were "Me and My Uncle", "Six Days" and "Statesboro Blues" as I recall and it was fun and a band was born and became The Lost Cherries and eventually an album followed namely Gone West.

How this was financed is a mystery, I must have been single at the time !

John Greene Dec 2006


01 Cash on the Barrelhead
An old bluegrass song from Ira and Charlie Louvin, this became a live favourite for us. Features Andy Brodie on mandolin and Ashley Cooke on guitar.

02 Me and My Uncle
This song was written by John Phillips of the Mamas and Papas and is a cautionary tale of blood being thinner than greed. It was much covered by the Grateful Dead from whom I learned it in the early seventies. Massed guitars and 2 bass players (spot the edit).

03 Ooh Las Vegas
One of the 3 songs written by Gram Parsons, this one with Rik Grech, exposes the perils of a gambling hell in the sun.

04 Boxcar Jam
Butch Hancock wrote this reality tale for Texas country great Joe Ely and we jazz it up with the support of Rhythm Doctors bassist Dave 'Lo-cost' Lucas and 3 guitarists !

05 I Can't Dance
From the pen of country legend Tom T Hall, a song lyrically close to my heart or feet. Louise Haines on backing vocals.

06 Hickory Wind
The second Gram Parsons tune, this old Byrds favourite was co-written with Bob Buchanon and our version features some great acoustic guitar from Andy Brodie and gorgeous BVs from the choir !

07 Big River
Johhny Cash tune blah blah

08 Willin'
A beautiful song from the late great Little Feat guitarist, Lowell George, this features the first recorded appearance of my daughter Rosalie James who was 15 at the time and is now a successful singer/songwriter herself. Feel the pride !

09 Six Days
Another country classic, this from the Green/Montgomery team, was the most problematic to record for some reason. After a number of re-jigs this version features Andy Fung on drums and me on everything else bar the backing vocals.

10 Promised Land
The inevitable Chuck Berry inclusion with screaming guitar from Ashley Cooke. To compensate for the previous track I don't play on this at all, remembering the words was enough.

11 Brass Buttons
A wonderful Gram Parsons song, this was recorded *live* a little later than the rest of the album and features a pedal steel to satisfy my, then, long felt desire so to do. Jess Carter plays drums and Tony Roach is that pedal steel player.


John Greene - Lead Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards

Ashley Cooke -
Guitars, BV's
Dave Hirst -
Andy Fung -


Andy Brodie -
Banjo, Mandolin, Guitars
(tracks 1, 2, 3, 4 & 6)

Stanley Guffogg -
Piano (tracks 5 & 10)
Rosalie James -
Piano ( tracks 6 & 8)
Dave Bacon -
Fiddle, BV's (tracks 6 & 9)
Dave Lucas -
String Bass (track 4)
Louise Haines -
BV's (tracks 5, 6 & 9)
Kate Metcalfe -
BV's (tracks 6 & 9)
Mary Wycherley -
BV's (tracks 1, 3, 6 & 9)

and on Track 11
Tony Roach -
Pedal Steel Guitar
Jess Carter -

Ashley Cooke, Andy Fung, Dave Hirst and Mary Wycherley became Derrero

Andy Brodie, Dave Lucas and Stanley Guffogg were all, at times, Rhythm Doctors.

Dave Bacon builds Hurdy Gurdies.


Recorded and engineered on 8-Track Brenell by Dave Lucas at Third Ear Studios in the Spring of 1994

Artwork by #johngreenemusic
Photos by Mary Wycherley

Produced by John Greene and Dave Lucas