John Greene - West of the Rest
In early 2005 I was lucky enough to inherit some cash and broadly speaking this album is about what I did with it.
For a time it was going to be called 'Travels with my Aunts Money' !
California and Hawai'i were the main ports of call.

As usual the lyrics were written over a long period of time and collated when I felt I had enough (or my notebook was full!) and the music just seemed to appear.

Some of the demos were done in California and some in Cornwall but almost all the recording at BM's in Cornwall during 2008/9 with my previous engineer and now co-producer Ben Morgan.

Robbie Brokenshire was recruited to lend a professional ear to the drum parts and Kevin (Slappy) Jefferies mostly played bass.
Along with the other usual suspects, I was able to acquire the services of some stellar guests.

Most importantly, whether through my travels, the new producer or just time, a recognizable sound emerged. For the first time in my recording career I knew what I wanted !
Due to the fact that some of the songs were distinctly Hawai'ian and some not, the running order takes on an almost 'concept' feel.


01 Blue Sky Morning
My first move after achieving temporary financial stability was to go back to California where I had lived in the 70's.
It had been almost 30 years though and this song is about the experience. Matt Exelby features on multiple slide and it's my 1st pedal steel outing.

02 Nevada Thru A Rearview
This is about that feeling you get when driving long, long distances. What would have happened if I'd used that exit that I just shot by at 90mph? etc etc..
It is also about my inability to stay anywhere very long.

03 Louisiana Bound
The joys of driving across Texas. More supreme slide from Matt Exelby (and me !).

04 Some People
A Dylanesque rant. The butler/Kenneth More reference is to the movie 'The Admirable Crichton' See it, you'll understand.

05 Scene of the Crime
Inspired by my watching drunk people jig up and down to 'Sweet Home Alabama' in Cornwall, without any understanding of the politics being espoused, and then driving through the South.
Travel does expand the mind (or should)
Tom Quirke plays beautiful piano.

06 Whatever Happened To Love
Oddly inspired by both a trip into the deserts of Southern California and the incidental music from 'The Lone Ranger' TV series, it also touches on my love of the American west and traveling therein.

07 So Far So Good
A bit of 'optimistic' rock'n'roll. M8 stolen from Steely Dan.!!

and off to Hawai'i

08 Kauai No Ka Oi
This, together with track 11, describes the good and bad of island life.
The words, in Hawai'ian obv, mean 'Kauai you are the best' 'Thank you very much' 'I love you a lot' (prob reads better in Hawai'ian)
Fabulous lap steel by Ken Emerson.

09 Chasing Daylight
Air travel !

10 Tell Her I Love Her
A lament for my, then estranged, second daughter, now happily a part of our weird and wonderful family again.

11 West of the Rest
The other side of the rainbow. When you actually live somewhere and cease to be a tourist things change !
Lap steel by Ken Emerson.

12 Till I Could Say Goodbye
A song for my wonderful Mum who passed away in 2006 at 91 years. XXX

13 Being Blonde
A bonus track. A somewhat fierce description of life
with my 3rd (and final) wife !


John Greene -
Vocals, BV's, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards,
Ukulele, Mandolin, Lap & Pedal Steel

Ben Morgan -
Guitars, Bass, Keyboards

Kevin Jefferies -

Robbie Brokenshire -
Drum parts

Rosalie James -
BV’s, Piano (track 2)


Matt Exelby -
Guitars, (tracks 1 & 3)

Helm DeVegas -
Piano (tracks 1, 3, 4 & 7)

Tarquin Andrewartha -
Ac Guitar (tracks 1 & 4)

Tom Quirke -
Piano (tracks 5 & 13)

Ken Emerson -
Lap Steel, (tracks 8 & 11)

Original song lyrics - HERE


95% of the recording was done at BM's using Cubase SX3, a variety of software and microphones and lot of real instruments.
Acoustic guitars, slide guitars, strats, telecasters, pedal steel, lap steel, mandolin, ukulele etc etc.

Most of the guests and some bass overdubs were recorded at my demo studio but getting the Hawaiian lap steel parts involved me flying to California and back in Feb 09 and recording in Ken Emersons' Streamline trailer in Napa!!

Produced by John Greene & Ben Morgan

Engineered by Ben Morgan

Artwork & Photos by #johngreenemusic